Page 6 - Micro5 Brochure 2020
P. 6

Targeted Treatment

                                                                              Using the dual wet Q-Tip probes
                                                                              lets you target the treating stimu-
                                                                              lation to go directly
                                                                              through the area of
                                                                              This greatly reduc-
                                                                              es treatment time
                                                                              and target errors.
                                                                              Electrode pads are also available
                                                                              for single/dual channel stimula-

  Single Probe Treatment

     Single probe techniques like measuring the resistance of acupoints for location and
     stimulation is easy with the micro5. Resistance meter with tone alerts and conve-
     nient Start button on the probe are just a few of the features making the micro5 a
     premier point stimulation machine.
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