Page 5 - Micro5 Brochure 2020
P. 5

Ultra Low Frequencies

 All modalities have a similar problem: How to get the stimulation past the
 tissue resistance? The micro5 solves this by offering stimulation frequencies
 below 1 Hz. At these frequencies the skin resistance reduces and the treating
 current can pass directly through to the target tissues, delivering the Current
 of Healing right where you want it.
 No other modality can do this.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

  In recent years a movement has developed to use microcurrent at very specific fre-
  quencies. To do this, your device must deliver accurate frequencies. The pictures
  above show actual readouts of the frequency of the micro5. We guarantee that any
  frequency you set, from .1 to 999 Hz, is exactly what is being delivered. You can’t get
  more specific than that.
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