Page 4 - Micro5 Brochure 2020
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                                                           The AXION micro5 incorporates the patented
                                                           Tsunami Wave to deliver the stimulation. This
                                                           technology allows very small amounts of
                                                           stimulation to build up over the course of the
                                                           treatment and unleash a vast amount of heal-
                                                           ing potential.

  Computer Controlled

Every aspect of the micro5 is controlled by
an on-board computer. During treatment a
current sample is taken every 5 seconds and
the computer makes output adjustments to
guarantee precise dosage delivery. In the
event of a failure, the micro5 will alert the
operator with a feature we call Secure Alert.

By harnessing the power of the computer,
the micro5 can offer true one touch program-
ming through the use of 5 treatment presets.
Full manual over-ride is also available.

True isolation between channels allows each
channel to be used together or independent-

The micro5 is battery operated for “go any-
where” capability.
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