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How Modalities Work

                                                          Most modalities like TENS, heat, cold,
                                                          ultrasound and laser all work by “shouting”
                                                          at the body with high doses of energy. The
                                                          goal of some of the therapies is to numb
                                                          the area to give the patient relief.

                                                          What the clinician usually finds is an ever
                                                          increasing need to turn up the power to
                                                          achieve previous results.

The Microcurrent Difference

Even though microcurrent devices are          Microcurrent “whispers” to the body
classified in the same category as higher
powered TENS, the results are obtained dif-

In the 1970’s it was discovered that very
small amounts of electrical stimulation, so
small the patient felt nothing, could have a
great influence on pain and healing.

It wasn’t until a decade later that separate
research by Becker and Chang proved
the body’s healing response to very low
levels of stimulation. Using microcurrent
stimulation, pain is eliminated through an
enhanced healing process and not by just
masking it.
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