Page 18 - Micro5 Brochure 2020
P. 18

In interferential therapy each channel has it’s own power output. If you manipulate the
           output of one channel to be higher or lower than the other channel, you can move the
           current path of the other channel toward or away from the original channel. This is
           known as moving the vector, or the site of intersection.

           Wing could not do this because the technology did not exist. So his current field was
           fixed. Below is an example of what happens during the automatic raising and lowering
           the power output of the two channels. This is known as vector scan.

             In Wing’s model, the power of the two channels is fixed, creating a fixed site of inter-
             section or interference. Using vector scan you can create a sphere of interference that
             is orientated in 3D space, the XYZ planes.

                         Left                        Front                   Down

                         Up                                                   Right

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