Page 16 - Micro5 Brochure 2020
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In the 1950’s, Nemec discovered crossing two electrical signals inside the body creates
          additional signals (the sum and difference of the original signal’s frequencies) inside
          the body. He named this Interferential Therapy.

          In 1984 Thomas Wing realized if you used a frequency of .3 on one channel and .9 on
          the other  (Both are healing frequencies) you would create two additional resonant heal-
          ing frequencies of .6 and 1.2Hz in the same area. He published his findings in an early
          80’s issue of Chiropractic Economics that was recently re-discovered in the magazine’s

           We recently changed our “I” preset to use the Wing’s suggested values. But using technol-
           ogy not available to Wing, we added a feature to “supercharge” the interferential effect.
           This effect is known as Vector Scan.

           Notice the microamps settings below. They are different for each channel and they continu-
           ously change during the treatment time. This creates what is known as a full field interfer-
           ential effect and it’s never been done before using microcurrent. It is explained in detail on
           the following pages.
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