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             Thomas Wing discovered that if you used two channels, setting one at .3 and the
             second at .9 you could get an interferential effect of four healing frequencies at the
             same time. Dr. Ventura took it a step further and added a vector scan to the equation,
             thereby changing the static single position of the Wing system to an ever changing,
             ever moving Vortex Wave that triggers phenomenal results.

                                    .3HZ               1.2HZ






        As a practitioner, I have been applying microcurrent as a main method of treatment for over 6 years. After evaluating
        effectiveness in treatment with different application methods including graphite gloves, pads, magnetic converters,
        and through needles, I have grown to appreciate the Axion iProbe for its effectiveness in local treatments, .

        Axion iPROBE applies microcurrent in the same cross pattern for those who apply frequencies. I’ve found improve-
        ments can take mere minutes, and will routinely use the Axion probe at the end of a treatment for the spot locations
        that can remain after a larger scale treatment.

        I use multiple microcurrent machines and have decided to purchase another probe for times when I need it for mul-
        tiple rooms.

        As a practitioner who applies microcurrent, I highly recommend the Axion Probe for a quick, effective treatment for
        local applications.”

        David Dennis, R.Ac, CLXT

        Hi Dr.Ventura,
        I received my new probe with the I preset update on my Micro 5 the other day.Plugged the probe in and started to treat
        my hip.Long standing,40yrs. plus hip pain due to a head on collision on a motorcycle. I treated the proximal quadri-
        ceps tendon,adductor tendon, joint,and piriformis all for 3 minutes.

        I felt significant decrease in pain. I have increased my treatment time to 5 minutes per area with even better results.
        Very simple,very effective protocol.
        Thank You Joe!,
        Dr.Bill Dixon
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