New D.I.G.I.T. Digital Image Collections by Dr. Joe Ventura

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Download the actual DIGIT 1.1 software and ignore the request for the unlock code. Software will enter into DEMO mode where you can view all the images but not export. Click Here

Less than 14 per image

Available as either a download or on CD, this is a collection of 1,864 Human Anatomy images created by Dr. Joe Ventura.

This easy to use software lets you scan through the collections, select the images you want and then instantly output the image as a jpg file. Most images are a resolution of 800x600, suitable for personal print, website or PowerPoint projects.

The software contains various collections of images. They include:



Skeletal System
Organ System
Nervous System
Body Images
Muscle System
Atlas Art

Thoracic Art
Lumbar Art
Pelvis Art
Teeth Art


A single image from another web image site can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Here is a screen shot from one of those sites

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Price for D.I.G.I.T. 1.0 is $495 USD and is currently being offered for $249.95 That's Less Than 14 per Image!




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